Absolutely Amazing Work, like a Masterpiece!

I will share your link with anyone who is interested or even not interested in Agile. Because it is such a piece of art.

The tutorials are logical, practical, well-constructed, beautifully designed and very informative.

I cannot wait to apply it and hopefully more teams will benefit from this!!!


Dear Niladri,
This is one of the best agile learning site, be honest, I learned a lot , the way you explain the concepts is tremendous.

Gayan Dissanayake

Very Informative!

Dear Niladri,
When I was searching for Agile materials, came across Agile Digest which is very different from other tutorials that is present in internet. Everything about Agile is well explained in this tutorial and examples used helps to understand the concepts better.
Thank you Niladri for doing wonderful job and appreciate your effort for coming us with such detailed tutorial



Shrishti Pandey
Cognizant Technology Solutions

This site is very informative

Rama Brahmam Gorripati

Dear Niladri,
After going through your site, I can sense the effort that you have invested on this.

Let me put it in Agile terminology on how this site helped me, your site helped me to transform myself to Doing Agile, from Being Agile.

Your videos related to tool specific configurations and the videos on Kanban are outstanding..

Looking for more videos on latest frameworks!!

Kudos & Thanks for helping !!


Rama Brahmam Gorripati