6 / 7 day total 12+ hours, Training within a group of 5 to 9 members (a distributed Scrum team) to simulate the full scrum cycle, using Jira.
Which will give a hands on understanding and chance of practice to learn

All Scrum Ceremonies
Roles and Responsibility
Scrum Reporting

If you want to practice one sprint cycle by experiencing all sprint events like Planning, daily stand up, Review & retrospective, backlog refinement, story point estimation by Planning Poker, prioritization, Preparing Report and metrics. you can register now.
All details will be available in the provided link. Feel free to ask any question by sending an email to support@agiledigest.com

  • If you don’t aware of the Dates, or not received any communication of the dates of the training, No Need to Pay now
  • If You already aware of the dates, Then please go ahead and Pay now.
  • Please Note : Purchasing this will enroll you to the next available batch. Please discuss with Agile Digest Before Purchasing

Sprint Simulation – Instructor Led Group Exercise with Live Project

15,000.00 + Tax

Upcoming Training Schedule

june, 2021

Participants Feedback from Our Sprint Simulation Class – Apr- 2021Team Achievers

Participants Feedback from Our Sprint Simulation Class – Jan – 2021Team PathFinders

Participants Feedback from Our Sprint Simulation Class – August 2020

Participants Feedback from Our Sprint Simulation Class – September 2020

27-July-2020 : We have Kicked off our July batch for Sprint Simulation. Here are all Excited face.

Team Phoenix – Feedback

Activity Schedule

Day1 (Kick Off) Sprint 0Day 2Day 3
Sprint Team member and roles
Sprint Goal
Sprint Duration, and Cadence
Definition of Done and Ready
ALM tool we will use
Retrospective Tool we will use
What Reports we will prepare
What Workflow we will Use
What Custom Field we will Use and Why?
Do we need to create any Custom Issue Types?
Do 1st Round of Backlog refinement
Capacity Planning
Sprint Planning
Start the Sprint
Validate Scrum Board (Story Board / Task Board)
Daily Scrum Call
Monitor Burn down chart
Understand Sprint Planning Report and Preparation
Talk about Sprint Retrospective Action Item (From Last Sprint)
Day 4Day 5Day 6
Daily Scrum Call
Mark Story / Task as blocked, working with Impediments
Monitor Burn down chart
Understanding Sprint Defects
Product Owner to start accepting stories in Scrum Board
Backlog Refinement for future Sprint
Daily Scrum Call
Monitor Burn down chart
Understand Mid-Week Sprint Reporting
Dev, Testing, Bug fixing, Story Acceptance parallel Run: SM to Facilitate
Daily Scrum Call
Sprint Review
Sprint Closure
Sprint Closure Summary Creation
Sprint Retrospective
Sprint Retrospective Action Item Creation