Scrum Team Bundle – 2

Excel Template Bundle 2 

Combination of Three Template with a Bundled price

  1.  Capacity & Sprint Planning :

    This Template is prepared for Plan your scrum team capacity and optimize your commitment during Sprint Planning. This is designed for the scrum team, who estimate their capacity in hours, and during sprint planning distribute the story into small subtasks and assign them to team members and validate the team member’s allocation and estimation is in sync with their capacity.

    There are 5 Sheets to capture the information. You will get the details of the sheet from the Details tab. below mentioned the list of Tabs you will,

    1. Definition
    2. Analytics
    3. Capacity
    4. Sprint Planning
    5. Estimation Accuracy

    You will 6 different templates as below

    9 Member Template (for 2 weeks and 3 Weeks sprint) – Two Template
    15 Members Template (1 week to 4 weeks) – Four  Template

  2. Sprint Planning Summary :

    This is a raw template to prepare your Sprint Planning summary report. Check the sample report as a product image for reference
    Key Sections

    1. Sprint Goal
    2. Sprint Duration
    3. Sprint Schedule
    4.  Capacity Utilization Summary
    5. Task Hour Distribution
    6. Commitment Summary
    7. Committed Story details
  3. Scrum Metrics :

    This Template is prepared to create and manage Scrum Metrics and KPI. See more details below.

    Available Metrics
    1 Commitment Reliability Shows the percentage of story points completed against its commitment for every sprint. With Trend record among last 6 completed sprints.
    2 Capacity Utilization Represent the team capacity in hours and committed hours for each sprint, measured in effort hours. With Trends among the last 6 sprints
    3 Velocity Represents a total number of story points completed each sprint, with trend analysis for the last 6 sprints.
    4 Velocity Fluctuation Represents the velocity variance from average with relation to max and min tolerance.
    5 Scope Change Sprint over Sprint, for Last 6 sprints, the amount of story points added to the sprint or amount of story points removed from the sprint, After Sprint Started.
    6 Defect Leakage Amount of Defects detected after development, You can calculate it as defects detected by the development team Vs Defects detected by the Product Owner / or UAT.
    7 Effort Estimation Variance Effort estimated Vs Actual shows Overestimation hours and underestimation hours
    8 Backlog Health Shows the health of backlog in as a total number of Story Points available in backlog Vs Average Velocity (last 6 months). The speedometer shows the current backlog health is below 1 time of Average Velocity, at least 1 time of Average velocity, at least 2 times of average velocity or more than 3 times of average velocity.
  4. Product Backlog

    This Template is prepared to manage your product backlog Items with, with below features

    1. Add your backlog item in excel
    2. Easy navigation in form
    3. Compare Stories
    4. Measure Story Points with Complexity Bucket
    5. Measure Story Points Story Point Factors
    6. Find new Story Points
    7. Watch the video to get the demo to know it in details
    8. Manage Epics and Status Master
    9. Manage Project Master
    10. Manage Frequent use Projects

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Scrum Team Bundle - 2

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Capacity & Sprint Planning


Sprint Planning Summary


Scrum Metrics


Product Backlog

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