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Topics we are focusing to cover here are as below, Agiledigest.com includes but not limited to this below mention topics.

Ceremonies Covered

These are the Agile ceremonies we will talk about in details, what is it, , time-box, participants, out comes, way to run, importance , and many other important aspects
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    Backlog Grooming

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    Capacity Planning

  • null

    Sprint Planning

  • null

    Sprint Review

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    Daily Scrum


We have covered or will cover soon in details of three main artifacts of Agile framework, and also will provide you sample of them.
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    Product Backlog

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    Sprint Backlog

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    Burn-down Chart

Team Member Roles and Responisibility

We have covered or will cover the details roles and responsibility of the Scrum or kanban team members
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    Product Owner

  • null

    Scrum Master

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    Development Team

And Many More...Keep Watching

We are adding information frequently, as per our list. If you are interested on any specific topic that we have not added yet, Please let us know on any form, We will more than happy to cover that topic.


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