Maturity Assessment Bundle

Maturity Assessment Bundle – Combination of two Templates with a Bundled prices

1. Agile Team Maturity Assessment

Maturity Level Value Score Description
0 Crawl Never 0 Not yet practicing or not observed by the coach.
1 Stand Sometimes 1 The team has been trained. Artifacts and events have been introduced but may not be consistent.
All formal roles may not be present.
2 Walk Often 2 Practices are integrated within the team but the team is not yet habitual and consistent.
Involvement from a Coach or Scrum Master is needed to keep the framework and the associated value system in place.
All scrum roles are present.
3 Run Very often 3 The team practices agile behaviors in day-to-day activities.
The attributes of transparency, inspection, and adaptation are practiced at all times.
Business value takes precedence over other measurements.
To move from ‘Practicing’ to ‘Proficient’, the team must show consistency over a period of 6 sprints without significant involvement from the Coach or Scrum Master(s).
4 Fly Always 4 Practices internalized, team self-managing and self-organizing, operating consistently well, highly transparent and visible.
The team is predictable and able to add value consistently and incrementally to the business.
Agility is visible beyond the team.
N/A N/A N/A Select this value if that assessment criterion is not applicable for the team


2. Business Agility Maturity Assessment Template

With this template, you will be able to measure your business’s Agile Maturity at the below-mentioned 8 Areas.

  1. Product Quality
  2. Predictive Quality
  3. Consistent Delivery
  4. Collaborative work
  5. Inter Team Collaboration
  6. Empowerment and People
  7. Inspect & Adapt
  8. Agile Tooling and SDLC


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Maturity Assessment Bundle

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Team Maturity Assessment


Busniess Maturity Assessment

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