Mastering Jira Software – Jira Training

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16 Hours of Training on Atlassian Jira Software.

Upcoming virtual class : As most of the participants of the class requested to change the dates.
here is the updated schedule.

Jira Training


Test your Jira knowledge now.

Feedback and sample Training clips from previous batch

Feedback from one of your previous Virtual class. Last 10 Min clip  from the 16 hours class.

A quick clip from day 2 of our Mastering Jira class,
we were talking about one of the most complex configuration in Jira Administration,


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This will be 4 half day Training on Weekend (Saturday & Sunday). Focusing on all aspect of Jira Software, introduction to Confluence, and Jira Project Administration.

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Outcome from this Jira Training

  1. This Jira Training will give you confidence to Work in Jira as any Agile Role to manage Agile Life cycle

  2. This Jira Training will give you the learning to collaborate with Confluence

  3. This Jira Training will give you the learning to Customize Jira  using Jira Project Administration to best fit your organizational need.

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Day 1 and 2 Agenda

Step by Step Learning

Starting with basic navigation to in-depth. Introduction to Jira and confluence and then practicing.

Introduction Jira Issues Artifacts Jira Boards Working with Jira
1. Project Creation and settings 1. Issues and Issue Types and Hierarchy EPIC, Story, Bug and Sub-Task 1. Product Backlog 1. Scrum Board (Story Board / Task Board / Epic Board) From existing workflow 1. Issue Detail View
2. Introduction to confluence 2. Versions/Release and Epics 2. Sprint Backlog 2. Kanban Board Configuration 2. Time logging & Tracking
3. Overview 3. Components 3. Burndown Chart 3. Multiple Team in one board 3. Marking Impediments
4. Menu options 4. Issues & Filter 4. Watchers
5. UI structure 5. Bulk Update 5. Commenting threads and mentioning
6. Navigation 6. Export Import 6. Activity Log
7. Issue Linking (Dependency & Blocker)
8. Explore Issue in detail


Day 2 and 3 Agenda

Step by Step Learning

Mastering Jira software and configure with administrative settings to fit your organization’s need

Practice Reporting Jira Project Administration
1. Story Point Estimation 1.Reports 1.Understanding Schemes
2. Sprint Creation 2.Dashboard 2.Issue Administration
3. Moving Stories to/from Sprint 3.Workflow Administration
4. Multiple Sprints 4.Screen Administration
5. Task Breakdown, Assign and estimation 5.Field and Custom Fields
6. Priority and Ranking 6.Time Tracking administration
7. Define Sprint Goal and start the sprint with duration 7.Priority Administration
8. Monitor Burndown chart 8.User Management
9. User Profile 9.Notification Administration
10.Permission Administration



Frequently Asked Questions ?

What I will get from this Jira Training?

·      Work in Jira as any Agile Role with confidence to manage Agile Lifecycle

·      Can collaborate with Confluence

·      Can Customize Jira  using Jira Project Administration to best fit your organizational need.

When this Jira Training will be conducted.

As this training need minimum count of participants, once the registration reach to certain number we will schedule the training with a mutual discussion with the registered participants. If the minimum required participants agreed to common dates. The Training will be planned. The Payment in not required for registration. It will only need to be paid once the dates are confirmed.

Where this Jira Training will be conducted.

The Training have two different mode of delivery, if you opted for Virtual Class it will be over Internet. If you have opted for Classroom based training, it will be conducted in a hotel, possible within your city.

What will be the timings of this Jira Training.

All Classroom based training will be conducted between 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. For both the days. Virtual class time can be little adjusted based on the participants Time zone.

Will there be recording of the Jira Training.

As the training is of approx. 16 Hours, It will not be recorded.

Will there be any certificate provided after this Jira Training.

We are not a certification body. There will not be any certification. However there will be an option for Test your knowledge online and Letter will be provided for your participation.

Will Agile Digest provide any course material for this Jira Training.

Yes For Virtual class a softcopy of PDF will provided before the training, for classroom based Trainings a hard copy of the course content will be provided on the first day of the training.

Will Agile Digest provide food during this Jira Training?

Yes for Classroom based Training, No for Virtual class. For Classroom Training Light Snacks will be served during 2 Team Breaks each day, and Lunch on both the days.

Will Agile Digest provide access to Jira for practice during Training?


What are the prerequisites to attend this Training?

  • Agile Development / (Scrum / Kanban) : Basic understanding of Scrum, Kanban, working knowledge on agile is desired
  • A good speed Internet speed is essential. For practice during class.
  • A desktop or laptop
  • And Your 16 Hours

What is out of Scope ?

  • Training’s on Scrum and Kanban Basics
  • How to write better User story
  • Jira Installation
  • Jira Plugin Installation
  • Any other topic that is not mentioned in Course content.

Will Agile Digest provide any certificate after the Training ?

Agile Digest will share a Link to give an online exam, upon completion of the exam with 75% Mark, Agile Digest will provide a Letter of Attending the Training and passed the exam with Percentage Mark. You can give the exam as many as time with in 1 month of the training.

What will be the Training schedule at timelines ?

Please refer the below picture


Due to most of your request, from US time Zone We are breaking this above 2 days Jira class into 4 days. so that we can accommodate all. The Time and date are mentioned at top of this page. If you have not registered yet, Scroll to bottom of the page to register.



Additional information


Virtual Class (18th,19th,25th,26th Jan 2020)

Jira Course Selection

Both Working knowledge and administration (16 Hours), Jira Administration only (8 Hours), Working with Jira Only (8 Hrs)


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