Working with Jira

Learn Jira as an User.
Jira Cloud Instalation
  • Jira Cloud Installation
Jira Basic Navigation
  • Introduction to Jira
  • Navigation in Jira
Jira working with issues
  • Query / Filters / Results
  • Bulk Update
  • Import
  • Export
Jira Issues in Details
  • Issue Detail View
  • Time logging & Tracking
  • Marking Impediments
  • Watchers
  • Commenting threads and mentioning
  • Activity Log
  • Issue Linking (Dependency & Blocker)
  • Explore Issues in detailed screen
  • Story Point Estimation
  • Moving Stories to/from Sprint
  • Multiple Sprints
  • Task Breakdown, Assign and estimation
  • Priority and Ranking
  • Monitor Burndown chart
  • User Profile

This video take you to a deep dive in Jira Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Jira Board configuration for Scrum and and Kanban. The below topics were discussed in details with Practical demonstration.

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Starting a Sprint
  • Configuring Scrum Boards
    • General
    • Columns
    • Swim lanes
    • Quick Filter
    • Card Color
    • Card Layout
    • Estimation
    • Working Days
    • Issue Details View
  • Configuring Kanban Board
    • WIP Limit
    • Class of Service
    • Backlog

Jira Administration

Learn Jira as an Administrator
  • How to create Custom Issue Types with different types of Nature
  • What is Issue Type Scheme
  • How to set list of Issue Types for Specific Projects
  • How to create Custom Fields with different types or Nature
  • What is Field Configuration
  • What is Field Configuration Scheme
  • How to make some fields Mandatory for specific project or specific Issue Types
  • How to make some fields hidden for specific project or specific Issue Types
  • How sets of Different Field configuration map with One or Multiple Projects
  • Mapping Issue types and set of fields for specific Jira Operation
  • What is Screen Scheme
  • What is Issue Type Screen Scheme
  • How to add new Screen
  • How to Map User Operation like Create, Edit, View with Specific Screen
  • How to Map Screen having Specific Sets of Fields with different issue types
  • How Map Issue Types, Screens, Operation , Fields with Project or set of Projects
  • How to create Tabular structure or field groups (expandable) in Screens
  • What is Jira Workflow
  • How to Create or modify Jira Workflow
  • How to assign different Workflows with  different Issue Types
  • What is Workflow schemes
  • How to map workflows with one or multiple Project.
  • How to use multiple workflow for one project with different issue type
  • What is Workflow Transition
  • How to Design Workflow status and transition
  • How to Invoke screen during change of One status to another status
  • How to Implement action on status change
  • How to restrict Transition at many conditions
  • How to restrict  Transition by validates.