Yearly Capacity & Cost Forecasting (Excel Template)

3,800.00 + Tax

This is a easy to use Excel template to forecast your Cost and capacity for any Year summarized by Months and Sprint with Dynamic sprint duration.

The Planner also provide multiple analytical report quickly visualize the summary

Watch the video for its features

1. How do I mark holiday in Allocation-Forecast sheet for individual member and date
You can add a value as “H”, or “h”, which will turn the cell as 0. This action will overwrite the existing formula, however you can copy any adjacent cell formulae to that that cell in case you want to revert back the original formula.
2. Why there are some Rows and columns are hidden
There are few rows and columns intentionally kept hidden, so that those values don’t get changed accidentally. As this worksheet is not used any macro (except to refresh the Pivot table) many important data needed to kept in the cell is which is for calculation purpose only. changing or deleting them, may create errors or wrong calculation
3. Can I change the formula ?
Yes you can, Please keep a master copy of the file, in case you want to revert back
4. In case we need support or help in case of any error or bug, How can we connect with you
You can email us at with Subject [Support Request – Excel Template Yearly Capacity & cost Forcasting / Order Number ##]
5. What are the Limitations of this Template
a. This Template supports maximum 50 memebrs.
b. Forecast for 1 Calendar year only
c. Each memebr have only 1 Skill Set
6. If we need some modification or customization, what will be the process
You can email us at with the details, If the changes are very simple, we will do it for you free, If the chnages are complex, we will be happy to do that with a minimal charges
7. If I want to Agiledigest to develop some Excel for us, something different, Is it ok to send a email to ?
8. What are the Limitations of this template
There are couple of Limitation as mentioned below
* It has max limitation of 50 members
* Max with of Sprint can be 6 Weeks
* Planning scope is one any one Full year
* Skill Allocation to resource can be one to one
3,800.00 + Tax