Template Bundle Team with Product Backlog

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Bundle of four Templates


Sprint Planning Summary


Scrum Metrics

Capacity Planning


Product Backlog

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Product Quantity

Capacity & Sprint Planning - Template

This Template is prepared for Plan your team capacity and optimize your commitment during Sprint Planning.

Video Tutorial : https://youtu.be/PFiVjjrJsh4

Please Note : 

The template is fully functional. Any changes on the template are restricted. Please request us for any modification. Minor changes and all bug fixes will be done without any further cost.
Downloadable products are not Refundable.


Scrum Metrics - Excel Template

This Template is prepared to create and manage Scrum Metrics and KPI. See more details below.


Video Tutorial :

Understanding the Metrics

Understanding this excel template

Please Note : If you are using Office 2010 or lower version,You may get some formatting issue.Downloadable products are not Refundable.


Sprint Planning Summary Report Template

Ready made excel template to easily prepare your Sprint Planning summary report.



Product Backlog Excel Template

This Template is prepared to manage your product backlog Items with, with below features


Video Tutorial :

Please Note : This is a Macro enabled Excel. The VBA code is non Editable



combination of four Templates

  1. Sprint Planning Summary
  2. Scrum Metrics
  3. Capacity Planning
  4. Product Backlog


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