Team Maturity Assessment Template

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Team Maturity Assessment Excel Template, with predefined questions and dashboard to visualize the growth

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Agile Team Maturity Assessment

 Maturity LevelValueScoreDescription
0CrawlNever0Not yet practicing or not observed by the coach.
1StandSometimes1Team has been trained. Artifacts and events have been introduced but may not be consistant.
All formal roles may not be present.
2WalkOften2Practices are integrated within the team but the team is not yet habitual and consistent.
Involvement from a Coach or Scrum Master is needed to keep the framework and the associated value systemin place.
All scrum roles are present. 
3RunVery often3The team practices agile behaviors in day to day activities.
The attributes of transparency, inspection and adaptation are practiced at all times.
Business value takes presedence over other measurements.
To move from ‘Practicing’ to ‘Proficient’, team must show consistency over a period of 6 sprints without significant involvement from the Coach or Scrum Master(s).
4FlyAlways4Practices internalized, team self-managing and self organizing, operating consistently well, highly transparent and visible.
The team is predictable and able to consistantly and incrementally add value to business.
Agility is visible beyond the team.
N/AN/AN/A Select this value if that assesment criteria is not applicable for the team

Team assessment areas (in the order of priority)Guidelines
1. Scrum Roles, Artifacts and Events
2. Project Planning and Management
3. Development Practices
4. Testing and Quality Assurance
In the order of priority, teams will be expected to mature in area 1 before other areas are paid to much attention. Idea is that consistant improvement in 1 will result in improvement of 2,3 and 4


Q1. How the system will identify the current Score out of 10 Score
A: The column have the max date will be treated as the current or latest Score
Q2. Can I change the Assessment Criteria ?
A. Yes you can
Q3. Can I Add a new criteria 
A. Yes you can add a new criteria, you just need to copy any existing critera and Instert that in between, so that all formula will be intact. Wath the vide from the link to check how it can be done.
Q4. Do I need to change the dates for all the 4 category 
No, Just change it on the First category (“Scrum Roles”) Other category will pick up from there