Story writing workshop (2 hours)

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This Product Owners Training 8th Section, Focused on Story writing workshop.  This is planed for two hours, Which can be or repeated based on the need.

Step 1 : Agile Digest will act as a Product Owner ,and participants will act as stake holders to explain the business need, PO will ask questions to stakeholders to understand in details. and write user story, during writing the user story we will explain why we are writing it or why in this pattern, what attachment we are attaching and why. PO may create a Feature or Epic, and break down into small user stories.

Step 2: Same activity as step one, only the role will switch, Mean Agile Digest instructor will play as Stakeholders and participant will write Epics/Features/Stories etc as Product Owner.

Step 3 :  Repeat Step 1/Step 2

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