RPA Online Training

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24 Hours of online Training + Live Project.

Covered in 12 days.

This a for a group training, minimum 5 attendees required. The training schedule will be decided mutually with the group members.

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Note : Cost mentioned is per user for all the topics below.


Topics for trainings (total 24 Hours divided into 12 days) 

RPA Basics RPA Tech Premier UI Path Basics Advanced UI Path
What is RPA Flowchart Basics Introduction to UiPath Workflow
RPA Implementation areas Windows File System Basics Types of Projects Orchestrator
Process Setup & Preview Tools User Interface Citrix Automation
Process Improvement Website Basics Domains in Activities Data Manipulation
Six Sigma Web Selectors Workflow Files in UiPath: Sequence, Flowchart, State Machine Error Handling
Process Identification Programming Basics UI Automation: Element, Text, OCR, Image, Browser, Window CE and Other RPA Tools
Gap Analysis System: File, Clipboard, Application, Environment, PowerShell, Dialog
DMAIC to improve business processes Import: About Imported Namespaces, Importing New Namespaces
RPA Risks and Challenges User Event
App Integration


Live Project

Goal: To complete an end to end industry relevant project

Customer Feedback Collection, Analysis and Reporting – A retail book shop chain (Bookzworld) has several brick and mortar stores and it is extremely important for them to report in realtime customer feedback to make continual improvement of the store easy.


To achieve this, Bookzworld has been collecting customer feedback data from their retail store partners as well as by visiting the online portal. Their retail store partners contact customers who have bought Bookzworld books and collect their feedback in an excel sheet template. Retail stores then send excel based feedback to the product company (Bookzworld) on a weekly basis to with a subject “Customer Feedback – <StoreName>”.


With the current process, the Bookzworld is struggling to process the data accurately and in a timely manner. To solve this problem, Bookzworld is being advised to automate the entire process using RPA so that they receive accurate and timely insights for decision making on a daily basis (based on whatever data is received). To achieve this, you are required to automate this process using UiPath RPA for Bookzworld, as follows:

  1. Configurable: Use configuration file for initializing project level global input/config data
  2. Modular: Design the solution by logically breaking the process in sub-flows and explore automating them independently (reusability)
  3. Manage Exceptions: Handle business as well as application level exceptions
  4. Coding Standard: Use coding practices consistently
  5. Logging: Log operational messages and errors
  6. Credentials: No hardcoding of sensitive data. Use Windows Credential Manager for credentials.
  7. (Bonus) Deployment: In addition to running the robot in the desktop mode and getting the process completed, also deploy the process on Orchestrator to monitor and control the robot from a central place



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