Complexity Bucket has max fixed factors.

Max 8 Status for workflow
Watch the video tutorial to know how it works. The Video Tutorial is to target the version 1 only

Product Backlog Excel Template

4,200.00 + Tax

This Template is prepared to manage your product backlog Items with, with below features

  1. Add your backlog item in excel
  2. Easy navigation in form
  3. Compare Stories
  4. Measure Story Points with Complexity Bucket
  5. Measure Story Points Story Point Factors
  6. Find new Story Points
  7. Watch the video to get the demo to know it in details
  8. Manage Epics and Status Master
  9. Manage Project Master
  10. Manage Frequent use Projects
Video Tutorial


Question Answer
How to invoke the form Go to Backlog, Select any row where you have Data, Press Ctrl+Shift+M
In case of issues where to get support email at
Where to update list of my Projects Inside Project tab
Why there are two list of Projects There are two section in the Project Tab, Keep your Most recent projects and all projects separately, so that you have option to select your project from less amount of item list
Where to Update list of Epics Under EPIC & Features Tab
Where to Update List of Features Under EPIC & Features Tab
Does Epic Id is mandatory for Feature list Yes – As Features are child of Epic, All features need a Epic ID, in case you don’t use Epic, Create one Epic for Example “All Epic” with one specific id, and use that Epic Id for all features.
Where can I customize the Status ? Under Status Tab
Can I have More than 8 Status ? No
Can I have Less than 8 Status Yes-Remove the status from bottom that you don’t Need, Don’t remove the value from Column F under status tab
Can I change the Status Name Yes
Can I change the status Id Its advisable to have the Id unchanged and in a sequence
What is Complexity Bucket – Definition Tab If you use the Story Point measure using complexity bucket, you can define your sets of complexity here
Please explain more about the Complexity Bucket Complexity Bucket estimation measurement can be done in max 4 category, the rules are also mentioned under the Complexity Bucket – Definition Tab.
Where Can I get a Demo of this backlog how it works Please refer the demo link below to open You tube video tutorial
How to find a new available Story id Go to Backlog Tab, select Column A at first empty row at the bottom of all available data. Press “CTRL + SHIFT + S” it will check through all available values and give any missing story id or next possible story id. If your active selected cell already have some value, it will show the new id in a message box instead of inserting into your cell.
If I need some customization, How can I Get that Please write to


Status Max 8 Status can be configured  
EPIC You can Manage a EPIc Master with Epic Name and ID  
Feature Master You can Manage Feature Master with Parent Epic ID and Feature ID along with a Feature Name  
Complexity Bucket Can Customize complexity Bucket factors.

There are 4 Categories for Complexity Bucket if you are using Complexity Bucket for Story Point Measure.
Category 1 can have max 9 attributes,
Category 2 can have Max 6 attributes,
Category 3 can have max 4 attributes,
Category 4 can have Max 3 attributes.

Measurement of story Points using complexity bucket is just for your Idea, Relative sizing is the best way to measure your story Points.

If you don’t need all the 4 category, Remove the category heading, for example you want to work on only 3 category, Remove all the values from Category 4 including the text “Category 4”

If you insert more than permissible sub item under category, It will not be reflect in your form.

You can change the name of the category for example “.Net Development” to “Java Development” or Category sub items for example “No of CI” to “No of class” or anything else that matters for you.

If you want to reduce the number of sub item, just simply delete the item from bottom. For example if you want to have only 7 sub items under Category Item, Remove the values at row 10 and 11 for Column A and B

Please refer the Product Images for look and feel Idea, Watch the video for getting more information