DevOps on AWS

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AWS provides services that help you practice DevOps at your company and that are built first for use with AWS. These tools automate manual tasks, help teams manage complex environments at scale, and keep engineers in control of the high velocity that is enabled by DevOps. Join our unique course to learn  solutions and tooling for DevOps on AWS

24 Hours of online Training.

12 days (2 Hours each day)

Proposed Schedule – Which will be adjusted during Kickoff meeting for the Batch, based on different time zone

Dates Timing (IST) Timing (CET) Timing (EST) Duration (hours) Topics
12/21/2019 1630 1200 0600 1 DevOps Basics
12/22/2019 1630 1200 0600 1 DevOps Maturity, 12 Factor app design
Holiday Break
1/4/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 AWS Basics – EC2, S3, EBS
1/5/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 AWS Basics – Route 53, VPC, AWS DevOps Services overview
1/11/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Code Commit
1/12/2019 1630 1200 0600 2 Code Build
1/18/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Code Deploy
1/19/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Code Pipeline and Star
1/25/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Cloud Formation 1
1/26/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Cloud Formation 2
2/1/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 Terraform
2/2/2020 1630 1200 0600 2 High Availability, AWS DevOps interview prep and Resume Prep


Topics covered as below

  • Introduction Infra as Code in AWS CI/CD in AWS Security and Governance High availability and Elasticity
    Continuous Integration & Deployment CloudFormation Primer CodeCommit Delegation & Federation Auto Scaling
    Deployment Types Explained CloudFormation Structure CodeBuild Corporate Identity Federation Auto Scaling Lifecycle
    AB Testing Intrinsic Functions & Conditionals CodeDeploy Web Identity Federation Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks
    Bootstrapping Stack Creation & DependsOn CodePipeline Launch Configuration Deep Dive
    Immutable Architecture CloudFormation Resource Deletion Policies CodeStar Auto Scaling Group Deep Dive
    Containers/Docker Primer CloudFormation Stack Updates Auto Scaling Groups Self Healing
    CloudFormation Nesting Exercise – ASG/LC/Healing
    CloudFormation Wait Conditions & Wait Condition Handlers Amazon RDS
    CloudFormation Custom Resources Amazon Aurora
    OpsWorks Primer Dynamo DB Primer
    OpsWorks Stacks & Layers
    OpsWorks Lifecycle Events
    OpsWorks Instances
    OpsWorks Applications
    OpsWorks Create Deployment Cmd
    OpsWorks Databags & berkshelf
    OpsWorks Auto-Healing
    EB Primer
    Extending Beanstalk using ebextensions
    Docker in elastic beanstalk

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