Capacity & Sprint Planning – Template

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This Template is prepared for Plan your team capacity and optimize your commitment during Sprint Planning.

Quick Tutorial

This Template is prepared for Plan your team capacity and optimize your commitment during Sprint Planning
    Max Team Member 9 Member Template (for 2 weeks and 3 Weeks sprint)
15 Members Template (1 week to 4 weeks)
Total 6 Templates  
    Sprint Duration 15 member : 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks & 4 Weeks
9 Members : 2 Weeks & 3 Weeks
    Holiday Rule Team Holiday Override – Individual Holiday    
  The “Definition” sheet is the first sheet where you will configure the sprint for Capacity Planning  
  This sheet have 6 sections to define  
  1 Team Define the Team Name and Focus Factor  
  2 Current Sprint Sprint Name and Cadence  
  3 Holiday List List of Holidays fall under the sprint duration  
  4 Ceremony Time Capture the time for each ceremony or planned meeting  
  5 Team Member Team Members Name, Role and their allocation % to the Project  
  6 Individual Vacations Capture individual planned vacation time.  
  Note : There will be some default values when you are using it for the first time. Please change it accordingly  
  The Sheet have the pivot table that you may need to refresh after any change on definition sheet  
  This Sheet is the Final output of the planned capacity. It’s a View only Sheet to calculate and represent the capacity. If any changes required, please change on the definition sheet.  
Sprint Planning             
  This sheet is you can use to plan your sprint my adding commited stories, with the task hours estimated by each team member, This Sheet will auto calculate the Planned Capacity and commitment Hours, with graphical representation of utilization, and visual warning on over commitment  
Estimation Accuracy            
  This sheet is to use on the last day of the sprint or after the sprint closure, to calculate Over and Under Estimation  
Video Tutorial            
  Follow the Video Tutorial on Youtube to learn how to work on this template.  
Change Request            
  If you need any changes – drop us a mail at – with a nominal fees we will make the changes for you.